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What makes MCS different?!

I'm sure you keep asking your neighbors, friends, and coworkers where they get their hair done and continuously keep hearing about this Matthew's & Co. place. You may be wondering, what in the world is so special about that place?? We are here to break down how we love to go above and beyond for each and every one of our clients!

First and foremost customer service will always be our number one priority. We think that booking an appointment should always be made easy, that's why we are available 24/7 for online appointment request and why we always have a guest relations representative on the phone during our hours of operation.

During your service you will always be offered Matthew's Rituals... These rituals consist of homemade Brown Bag Trail Mix and sweets made by Matthew's mother. Along with a variety of beverages that include water, soda, Gatorade, coffee, tea and on Wednesdays we even serve complimentary wine! Every client will receive an outstanding five minute scalp massage to take away all of your day to day stress. As if that's not enough, during your process time you'll be given a warm aromatherapy neck wrap to loosen the tension while you  enjoy a hand healing treatment showcasing Matthew's "Healing Oil". 

Hair Salon Flowery Branch

Now that your completely relaxed we will introduce you to our products formulated specifically for the south. Matthew has designed a specific product line to target every hair type, without breaking the bank. If you live in the south, we don't even need to explain how important it is to have products formulated to fight frizz. With that being said,  90% of our products have anti-humectants infused within them. Come in and let us guide you to which one works best for you and how you can protect your investment.

As any hairstylist will tell you, our job is never a regular 9-5 schedule. We work non-stop to continuously give back to not only our clients but also our community. At least once a month the Matthew's & Co. staff gets together for continuous education to bring the hottest new trends to you.. We have participated in events all over the world!! From Artego Hair shows in Rome, Italy to advanced cutting classes under the world's best haircutters ZGAT.  When were not learning new things to bring back behind the chair were figuring out ways to use what we have to give back to our community. We have been blessed to give haircuts to the homeless multiple times in our area and continue to do so. When our kind hearted clients decide they want to donate hair to kids, we go through a company called Wigs For Kids. We decided to switch from other groups for many reasons broken down in a previous blog, check it out! Another topic that we feel very passionately about is giving back to the local school systems. At Matthew's & Co. Salon we choose to sponsor all sports and extracurricular activities that go on throughout Hall county schools.

Hairdressing to us has always been more than just cutting and coloring hair and sending clients on their way. At Matthew's & Co. we become so deeply connected to our clients that yall become apart of our family. From when you walk in the door until the time you leave you will notice how our entire team is constantly working together  and enjoying each others company while all stylist choose to interact with everyones clients. This is a group of professionals that want to continue to grow our family so what are you waiting for? Book your appointment and get the experience of a lifetime!! Come see what the whole town has been talking about!! 

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Hottest Fall Trends of 2015

Whenever fashion trends change, the hair industry is right there changing with it. As we all know the best part about fall is wrapping up in our big comfy sweaters, leggings, a scarf,  and of course the cutest new ankle boots. The 'low maintenance' look that looks like we spent all day planning it. Easy going fashion is this seasons thing, we're here to let you know the same goes for your hair.

Kick summer color to the curb

On your drive to work notice the leaves changing from green to their perfect blend of rich coppers and browns. A change in color is the easiest way to get yourself prepared for the chilly weather we've already gotten a little taste of. This year we will be seeing a slight change in everyone's favorite ombre trend.  Were changing into a much softer, natural flow of colors. "Lived in hair"  is a darker natural root with a flow of contrasting colors and dimension using chocolate brown, chestnut brown, warm golds and red tones.

This style is perfect for all natural hair colors. As we all know blondes are the ones who don't adapt to change as easily as the rest of us, but that doesn't mean you should be scared to try something new. Keeping the blonde around the front face pieces is key, while darkening up your base the slightest amount and adding the bronze undertones. This will give you the perfect fall change.

As a brunette you will start to see a combination of red and gold tones softly intertwining throughout your loose curls. The key to making a few of these strands 'POP' is to keep a cooler toned  brown lowlight directly under the highlight.

Redheads will be able to pick between going on the blonde side, or the copper side. If you're having trouble deciding look at the underlying pigment of the skin tone. If red, stick to coppers. If yellow, stick to blonde.

Hair Salon Flowery Branch

To cut or not to cut, that is the question..

Were not here to tell you short hair or long hair is "in" because not one style will show off every clients features. However, we've been noticing blunt cuts making quite a few appearances all over. Luckily for all of our flowery branch family, Matthew just trained under the best precision hair cutters in the world ZGAT (@ZGAT_MM on Instagram) and brought it back for all of our talented stylist to get a little taste.

Styling & Profiling

We're still keeping it simple and easy when it comes to styling. The hottest thing right now are tousled curls. The one way were going to change from your every day look is to go up one curling iron size than normal. (If you use a 1 inch switch to a 1 1/4 inch) Doing so will create a "messy curl" that will allow you to rock it for multiple days! When curling you want to make sure the curls are going away from the face, allowing it to show off your new color while opening your face and brightening your eyes. The final step is to run your hands through the curls, have fun with it and remember they aren't suppose to be perfect!

Products, Products, Products

  • Gel mousse- medium hold. Apply to mid shaft and ends while hair is damp. This will give the curl more texture to hold on to.
  • Pump, pump it up- light hold root booster. Apply to roots only while hair is damp. It gives the perfect amount of boost without giving you pageant queen hair. 
  • Dry Conditioner- Apply small amounts to dry hair before curling. It helps enhance the shine of your hair showing off the vibrancy of your new Artego color line color. 
  • Hold on Hairspray- Medium hold hair spray allowing the curls to stay in place through the day without the crunchy feeling.

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