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Welcome Our Three Newest Products

Matthew's & Co. wants to welcome in our three newest products; Gel Mousse, Rockin cream and Dry Conditioner! These products will give your hair the ability to have multiple styles. For those of you who have used any of our products may have noticed that these products are formulated especially for the south! Meaning, if you are looking for a humidity resistant product you're in the right spot! Read below to understand a little more about these products and to see which one will be the next addition to your hair product cabinet. 

Hair Salon Flowery Branch

Gel Mousse

Gel mousse is THE perfect product for all hair types!

  1. Natural curls: Using a quarter size amount will give a little extra texture and life back into your beautiful curls, without the dry crunch 80's style perm look!  
  2. Thin fine hair: Adding a dime size amount will put life back into your hair. Gel mousse will give you the perfect amount of volume and texture making the hair shaft appear more full. 
  3. Thick full hair: Using a quarter size in your long thick locks will give the perfect amount of movement in your hair. It allows your hair to have more texture, letting the round brush do its job and add movement and volume without it falling the second your blow out is complete. 

This product should always be used on wet hair and evenly distributed throughout the hair, using a Wet Brush! 

Hair Salon Flowery Branch

Rockin Cream

Rocking cream has totally taken over all of the MCS staffs hearts. This has become the salon's favorite blow out balm.  Adding just a dime size amount on wet hair leaves the hair with a soft, silky and shiny blow out.  Luckily for all hair types this product IS also a thermal protectant, meaning it will help preserve your color treated hair and reduce damage from the blow dryer, flat irons and curling irons. 

Hair Salon Flowery Branch

Dry Conditioner

Dry conditioner is the perfect way to add shine without weighing  your hair down with oils. Being a thermal protectant and humidity resistant product, you can add this product wet or dry. SMALL amounts of this dry conditioner is all you will need. This product is perfect for all hair types. 

MCS's favorite way to use dry conditioner: 

1. Towel dry hair and add a blow out cream (Smooth-e) 

2. Blow dry hair 100% with a round brush 

3.Add small amounts of dry conditioner to ends for each section of the hair

4. Use flat iron/curling iron to enhance the maximum amount of shine. 

That sums up the latest Matthew's & Co.  products, stop in and try them out! -XO MCS staff 

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