Dancing on the Water

This Native American inspired shoot was created by Matthew very early in his hair career. After several years of thought, prep and design Matthew thought it was time to execute his idea. Starting with the location of the shoot and down to the accessories, the MCS team came together and hand picked every detail. He wanted to incorporate a very vital piece of North Georgia into this project and thats where the thought of shooting on Lake Lanier came to be. The scenery played a big role in pulling together the look that was envisioned for 'Dancing on the Water'.  

The models were each given a certain look that would be brought to life by the stylists. The outfits, the hair and the makeup were carefully selected and formulated to be as unique,  beautiful and creative as possible. Maggie Turner, our brilliant photographer did a magnificent job at combining the background of the natural landscape with the models and their costumes. Every detail was revised by Maggie and Matthew to make sure it was immaculate. Matthew's & Co. Salon created several hair pieces, haircuts and hair colors specifically to bring the vision to life. Several hours were put in by the stylists to make sure each style was perfectly crafted. This photo shoot has looks from different Native American tribes... From the local southeastern tribe "Cherokee", to the "Sioux" from the Midwest, to the "Aztec" from Mexico. All tribes were very inspirational in this creation and Matthew wanted to pay homage to all the Native American tribes and what they represent. 

With the help of the MCS team, models, and  photographer, 'Dancing on the Water' was created! Please goto our gallery to checkout all the amazing pictures from the shoot!!

Behind the Scenes with a Professional Stylist!

As stylist behind the chair, we hear all the time questions and statements along the lines of  "You guys are speaking a different language" or "Wow, there's a lot more behind doing hair than just 'coloring' or just 'cutting' someone's hair?".  For this week's blog our stylist team decided to break down the steps of what goes on in our head as you sit in our chairs to be pampered. Our Master stylist, Trish, decided to demonstrate a common service done in the salon (partial highlight with base color) on her wonderful client, Debbie. 

Hair Salon Flowery Branch

Step 1: Breaking the Base

As seen in the 'Before' picture located above, our client started with a much darker natural hair color, and ended with a beautifully toned highlighted blonde. The way her base color was achieved way by first 'breaking the base'. Doing this allowed stylist, Trish,  to lighten her natural color prior to highlighting, giving her a lighter canvas to work with, while letting the client's hair pull to a natural tone without leaving a line of demarcation or leaving the hair damaged.  

Step 2: Highlighting 

When highlighting, the stylist determines the best formula for the client. Many factors come into formulating such as the condition of the client's hair and how light or dark the client desires. 

Step 3: Foiling pattern

If you have ever had your hair highlighted in more than one salon you might have noticed those crazy looking foils going in every direction. Have you ever wondered why every colorist doesn't use the exact same pattern on your hair?  Many things factor into which placement is chosen. (hair length, natural look, more dramatic looking highlights) Stylist, Trish, picked a very natural look highlighting technique, allowing her client to be able to pull it up in a pony tail with out getting the stripey affect, while also giving a very soft grow out in between appointments. 

Step 4: Toning 

Toning is used to correct any unwanted tone left in the hair at the shampoo bowl. In this service Trish decided to use the blueberry Artego color shine mask. This is a BLUE mask tones out any yellow, brassy tones and leaves the hair smelling like fresh picked blueberries.  

Step 5: Blow drying with product

Trish decided to use our Matthews & Co. 'Rockin' Cream.' This product is thermal safe and adds a little hold and body while adding shine and hydration to the hair.  Debbie just wanted a soft natural looking blow out so this one product took care of all of her needs. Trish used a round brush and flipped out the ends of her hair, while pulling out an unwanted curl.

Step 6: Trim

When preforming any chemical service we always recommend to keep up with your haircuts, so your hair is not left damaged! Trish decided to do a dry trim, since she was taking off very minimal length and shaping up her previous haircut. This trim allowed Debbie to leave with fresh ends and no splint ends! 


That sums up the "Behind the scenes with a professional stylist" blog of the week. Thanks everyone for reading, we love feedback on the blogs and would love to answer any questions you guys have! Please follow us on our social media networks!